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Ian Rose is committed to offering his expertise to non-profit organizations and the developing world. As Pam Farr (former Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Marriott) says in her testimonial: "Ian is truly a global citizen. He constantly thinks of what is good for the people of the planet, particularly those in developing countries. He spreads his knowledge and wisdom about how organizations can work together to make the human condition better."

Ian is currently Past-President of his Rotary Club, and has spearheaded initiatives to help seniors and youth in his community. He has also developed fund-raising strategies for other major non-profit organizations, such as the MS Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For non-funded community groups anywhere in the world, Ian's advice is always available free of charge. For funded non-profit organizations (ie: those with a budget for consultants), he charges 30% of his corporate daily rate. Moreover, if the client commits to a minimum of 10 billable days, Ian will offer one free consulting day for each contracted day, thereby effectively halving his fee.

Another option for non-profit organizations is corporate or government sponsorship. Ian has been on a number of international assignments sponsored by such organizations as the Ford Foundation, USAID and the World Bank. On all such assignments, he has offered to stay on to work with local community organizations at no additional cost.

If you know of any worthy non-profit organizations that need assistance with their human resource management and/or fund-raising issues, Ian would be pleased to offer them creative solutions at no cost.


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