Ian at NASA, after addressing senior managers on the day of John Glenn's return to space.

To give you some idea of the diversity of projects it has successfully undertaken, IBR Consulting Services has completed the following assignments:

3M: Consulted with the Corporate Marketing group on their knowledge management strategy, to ensure that ideas generated by their operations around the world were not lost, but distributed in such a way as to maximize their usefulness.

BBC: Addressed the senior management group in London on their role in implementing successful organizational change initiatives.

BC Hydro: Developed a skills database for all electrical and mechanical apprentices and journeymen, to be used as the basis for an ongoing professional development program.

Caltex Indonesia: Consulted with their operations in Sumatra on a wide range of human resource development issues.

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce: Invited to be the guest speaker at the Annual General Meeting, to talk about how leading-edge companies around the world are learning to value their intellectual capital, in order to make maximum use of their knowledge assets.

Clorox: Advised their senior management group on how to develop a stronger sense of commitment in their factory workforce.

Costalegre Community of Business and Retired Persons: Gave a motivational presentation to expatriates living in Mexico, on how to take control of their professional and personal lives.

EDS: Conducted a number of major international research projects on a wide range of human resource management issues, and presented the findings on many occasions to senior management groups in Dallas and Zurich.

Egyptian Institute for International Education: Participated in an executive education program, on improving employee morale and commitment in a developing world context.

Georgia State University: Addressed the Chief Information Officers from the major corporations in the Atlanta area (CocaCola, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, etc.), on how they needed to reskill their workforces over the next decade in order to remain competitive.

Health Canada: Consulted with their knowledge management group on a national strategy for sharing organizational knowledge on health-related issues.

Insurance Corporation of BC: Conducted an in-depth review of their Insurance Operations group, which led to a major restructuring of the way insurance policies were handled, and to major cost savings at the Corporation.

International Centre for Research in Agroforestry: Worked with their senior management team in Nairobi to overcome the resistance of leading agricultural scientists to sharing information with their colleagues.

Johnson & Johnson: Developed a comprehensive database of “creativity” resources (university courses, books, consultants, etc.) that managers around the world could access for fostering innovation in their business units.

Kellogg: Provided research reports which helped them maximize the efficiency of their workforce, and which therefore ensured that they could remain in a leadership position in the face of larger and “generic brand” cereal manufacturers.

Lockheed Martin: Conducted a number of major international research projects on a wide range of human resource management issues, and presented the findings on many occasions to senior management groups in Fort Worth and New Orleans.

NASA: Gave an inspirational speech to senior NASA executives at the Johnson Space Center (on how best to stimulate creativity in the workplace), on the morning of the John Glenn launch.

Royal Bank of Canada: Consulted with their corporate learning group on how best to improve the effectiveness of training programs nation-wide.

Rotary Club: Developed a fund-raising strategy that increased the annual revenue available for community projects by over 300%.

Royal Dutch/Shell: Advised their Information Technology senior management teams in London, the Hague and Houston on those human resource issues that were likely to impede their success, and developed a comprehensive professional development strategy for their U.S. operations.

United Nations: Investigated the relationship between two major operational bodies, the UN Office of Project Services and the UN Development Programme, to determine how humanitarian and peace-keeping projects could be handled more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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