You may be interested in the 2003 editions of the summary reports from our six ongoing research projects:
  • Recreating the Organization (and creating a sense of purpose and
    commitment in the workforce)
  • Valuing Intellectual Capital (and managing organizational knowledge)
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Corporate Training (and learning)
  • Measuring the Value of Training
  • Innovative Techniques in Executive Development

The reports are each 18-25 pages long, come in electronic format (for easy distribution throughout your organization), and are based on our research with over 700 organizations around the world over the last five years. The cost for each report is US$250. Just send us an email, indicating your name, title, company, and the report(s) you require, and you will receive the material by return email within 24 hours, along with the corresponding invoice.


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