"I am writing on behalf of Ian Rose to support his candidacy as a consultant with your organization. I have worked with Ian for approximately 10 years through my roles as (a) Senior Learning Officer of Amoco Corporation, Chicago, IL (now BP, London, England), (b) Board member of the Association of Internal Management Consultants, and (c) Associate Dean of Executive Education at Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

In those roles, I have been the recipient of Ian's research and consulting, sponsored pieces of research and hired him as a speaker/consultant. I feel highly confident in recommending Ian for a role acting as a consultant working on leadership and organizational development strategies for local governments and corporations. I consider Ian a superb consultant and applied research scientist. I also think that he is highly cognizant of the issues facing modern organizations - to include governments. You will be wonderfully pleased to have Ian as one of your resources."

Dr. William H. Clover
Vice President and Chief Learning Officer
Williams Company

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