"Over the past five years, I have had numerous occasions to rely on the advice and expertise of Ian Rose in consulting with me on a variety of topics, including: valuing intellectual capital and managing organizational knowledge, creating the learning organization, fostering creativity and innovation in organizations experiencing major change, innovative practices in executive development and performance support, and improving the effectiveness of corporate training and learning. Ian has extensive experience and contacts to be able to provide a wealth of knowledge on any of these topics, as well as a keen mind with a bent toward finding practical applications for this knowledge.

I worked most extensively with Ian in my previous position as Director of People and Organization Development at Lockheed Martin, at their plant that produces fighter jet aircraft. Ian was instrumental in helping us identify best practice areas on all of the above topics, and working with us on several occasions to direct change in the organization. I believe his extensive knowledge and experience would be helpful to any organization interested in improvement, but particularly those willing to make significant changes toward world class environments."

Karie Willyerd
Director, Executive Development

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