"I have known Ian Rose professionally for over ten years when our paths crossed on international human resource management issues. At the time, I was a senior executive with Marriott International, Inc. establishing hotels and service work forces in many countries.

Ian is truly a global citizen. He constantly thinks of what is good for the people of the planet, particularly those in developing countries. He spreads his knowledge and wisdom about how organizations can work together to make the human condition better.

Ian is intellectually honest, considerate and very thoughtful in his approaches. He tries diligently to look through the cultural/ethnic lens of his host country whenever he visits and conducts projects. He knows how to combine the power of quantitative analysis with practical approaches to achieve results. He is diplomatic, and works hard to earn the trust and respect of colleagues, clients and others who can make the planet a better place to inhabit. I admire his commitment, dedication and unfailing professionalism."

Pam Farr
President and COO, The Cabot Advisory Group

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