Cornell University:

"It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference in support of Ian Rose. I have known Mr. Rose for the past three years. He is the author of several important international benchmarking studies. We participated in two of his projects on recreating the organization and valuing intellectual capital. From my association with him, I can attest to his knowledge of organizational development and his ability to translate this knowledge into practical value for organizations.

As an international consultant to management, he has presented lectures and consulted to organizations throughout the world. His assignments have required leadership, close partnerships with clients, strong strategic direction, involvement with the senior management, and attainment of measurable results. It is my understanding that he has fulfilled these requirements with alacrity and flair. His scholarly work covers diverse areas of leadership, strategic planning, and human resources management. One of his greatest strengths lies in his ability to effectively diagnose situations and apply the correct balance of intelligence, diplomacy, and skill in helping organizations to achieve their goals.

Mr. Rose is a very capable consultant and leader. I heartily recommend him to your organization for consideration. I believe he would make a substantial contribution."

Chester C. Warzynski
Director of Organizational Development
Cornell University

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