"I worked with Ian from approximately 1991 through 1997, when I left Aetna's corporate education function. His method of identifying best practices in human resources and education through collaborative research is first rate, and provided us with very important information to improve our products and services.

Ian has extensive world-wide contacts which enriched the research and the follow-on collaboration that the research made possible. I was very impressed with his ability to incorporate all the needs of the various company sponsors and provide all of us with desired specific information. This research was extremely important to us as we developed new technologies and increased our education and training opportunities for the executive population (top 400) at Aetna.

Ian is a great listener, has excellent writing and speaking skills, and is very knowledgeable about company practices in areas of human resources and human capital development. These skills, combined with his networks, would be an asset to any international project. Ian is versatile and enjoys learning and expanding his knowledge base. New subjects would not serve as a hurdle for him but a wonderful challenge that I am sure he would embrace."

Kathryn Porter
Former Assistant Vice President
Aetna Education

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