"My name is Barbara Murdoch. I'm a retired human resources coach and am writing you on behalf of Ian Rose, whom I've known for almost 10 years.

We became acquainted through my employer, Amoco Corporation (now part of BP), where I contracted with Ian for his consulting services in leadership strategy development and contingency training options. Writing about someone I know and like is only difficult because I very much just want to say 'he's great - you'll like him - everyone does.' Here's why.

Ian cares about what people think and how things work. Listening is an active, not passive, skill for him. As a result, he can recognize subtle connections or distinctions which most people overlook. This gives him the unique gift of taking an everyday, routine occurrence and turning it into an interesting event. He will see more negotiable options than most folks I've known. Which, in turn, translates into success for him with all kinds of people. Suffice to say there were never empty seats in the room when he was present."

Barbara Murdock
Former Senior Human Resources Consultant
BP (Amoco)

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